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“The soul never thinks without a picture”  said Aristotle the Greek philosopher, and so we aim to successfully communicate an intended message through the various media forms available today as creatively and diligently as possible,
putting an image to a thought.

In the average day of a modern human life, one would have consumed 8 hours of electronic media: be it via Television, Mobile phones, or Computers.
Social networking, blogging, movies, music, journalism, business: all of which revolve and exist through media.

Undoubtedly the power of the media to influence and spread is far beyond the printed word or any other form of communication.
At inLite studio we believe the “media” is neither good nor bad, it is a powerful medium.
More often than not,the media is used to spread corrupt messages, we strive in utilizing it to produce and distribute beneficial and effective content/entertainment to viewers.

Today we’re given the most influential means of affecting our generation more than any other before us, let's use it to shine a light and promote a positive society:

inLite Studio : inLiten your world
Ronnie Govender
Sebastian Govender
Justin Govender

Justin is a self labeled “Media Nerd” who is enthusiastic about the visual and technological craft.
From an early age Justin could be found lazing in front of a TV watching reruns of every Disney movie. Naturally he cultivated an interest in film and media, and is a self taught Director/ Editor/ Writer/ Artist.
Together with His Brother Sebastian, the two started “inLite Studio” as a media production company to channel their creativity through and reach the world with their ideas.
Justin also studied Theology and believes it to be a firm foundation on which to build their studio and consequentially inspires his artistic expression and writing

Sebastian is a passionate Animator/ Designer/ Artist. He’d instinctively draw something quicker than writing it.
Sebastian found himself “at home” with pencil and paper and quickly developed a talent in illustration through digital technology.
He enjoys animation and his interests even span as far as composing music.
In his spare time Sebastian must either be sleeping or sick, as he is a dedicated and self driven artist who can always be found behind his PC creating the next piece of artwork

Ronnie, is the business manager of inLite Studio, and handles the commercial side of the company.
He has considerable experience in accountancy and management, and is known to be an ardent worker, emphasizing in organization and fair business practices.
He is active in church ministry, Biblical study and its life implications.
Ronnie is Father to both studio Owners and also has a daughter, two dogs and married to his wife of 24 years