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Hello! My name is Justin

Thank you for visiting my website.

inLite studio is a business I co-founded with my brother and sister.
We are involved in various creative fields and passionate about the things we create.
From photography to 3D design, websites, video production, music making and much more.
Most of which we taught ourselves out of love for our craft.

I am a photographer and tech enthusiast. I’m blessed to be working in both fields that I thoroughly enjoy as a IT manager and freelance photographer.

They seem like two opposing fields, one being very admin/logic related and the other creative/artsy.
However, I learnt how to work with computers and hardware because of what they enabled me to create with them, so for me they merge perfectly.
The digital space is where I feel most comfortable (nerd alert!)

Producing appealing imagery excites me. You’ll often find me early hours of the morning or late at night out exploring and capturing the beauty of whatever place I’m in.
I’m constantly looking for new and fresh ways to display how I see the world.

I’m also very much involved at Hillsong Church Cape Town and part of the communications team, helping to oversee the photography.

It has been one of the biggest blessings to contribute in an area that I am naturally inclined to and for something far bigger than myself.
Nothing has grown me more than being in this amazing environment.

Aside from what I do as a career, my life is joyfully surrendered to the Lord Jesus and He motivates my every step. As much as I strive to do everything with passion, excellence and professionalism, it is my hope that what I do inspires, encourages and instructs people to find their satisfaction in Him too.

Thank you for taking the time to browse around my site.
Feel free to message me with any questions, feedback, spam or just to say hi 😊

Have the best day 👍